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A Cancer Story

At first of August 2016 my daughter in-law Andrea informed her mother and me that they was relayed through her physician that they had third stage cancer from the uterus and third stage cancer from the cervix. This came as a significant shock to the two of us because Andrea was just three decades old.

Andrea also stated the physician had also scheduled her for any pap smear for that first week of September. Andrea understood that I used to be spending considerable time on the pc researching cancer cures since i have a lot of buddies who’re stricken with this particular disease and Andrea wanted to be aware what I suggested.

I’m 63 years of age as well as in my lifetime I’ve observed the press announce a number of different cancer cures which were all silenced. I have faith that the health care industry makes money in the chemotherapy treatments to ever wish to really find relief from this ailment that’s killing all of our family members. This only is sensible because how would you react should you be making thousands and thousands of dollars annually on chemotherapy therapy, you resided inside a huge mansion behind a gated community and also you understood when the public ever found about all of the cancer cures available your hard earned money would dry out.

I’m amazed at the grief and sorrow these folks have put us through to allow them to reside in their gated communities. The large Pharma market is a 300 big annually industry mostly from chemotherapy therapy. The insurance market is a trillion dollar annually industry. Consider how much cash could be saved without cancer treatments. When you make careful analysis put money in front of people you’re vulnerable to having to pay heavenly dues.

A few of the cures which have been already silenced are, in 2007 funnel 7 news in La reported that cancer had finally been cured. They reported the doctors had to have white-colored bloodstream cells in the patients and breeding these questions dish after which injecting them into the patients thus curing cancer. I heard this story just once on funnel 7 news. Irrrve never heard or seen associated with a followups since that time.

In 2015 Cinemax were built with a special about cancer. This physician was taking T cells from aids patients and injecting them into cancer patients thus destroying cancer. This physician stated he likely to get the patent in the Food and drug administration between 2016. That never happened since it is already 2017. He was either bought off or wiped out.

The German physician Leonard Coldwell includes a cancer clinic in Germany and it has a cancer cure rate of 92%. As he attempted to determine a clinic within the U . s . States the drug industry attempted to purchase his patent. As he wouldn’t sell he’s had his vehicle inflated and it has been shot at a number of occasions. Dr Coldwell also mentioned in the book “The Only Real Response To Cancer” that whenever the folks of massive Pharma get cancer they fly to Germany for treatment.

And in Dr Coldwell’s book he makes use of Certified Food-grade 35% peroxide for stopping cancer. He’d start his patient’s with three drops in 8 ounces of sterilized water each day while increasing the dosage by one drop each day until he arrived at 25 drops. We did laser hair removal on the friend of the friend who’d leukemia. Following the treatment was completed he visited his physician and the bloodstream work returned as “normal”.

Just lately it’s been reported that doctors were discovering that anti-yeast drugs were curing cancer accidentally. Obviously that’s everything was ever stated about anti-yeast drugs and also the doctors keep directly on killing their sufferers with chemotherapy therapy. Any substance that kills fungus kills cancer.

Anti-yeast drugs curing cancer shouldn’t be associated with a surprise to the physician. In 1931 physician Otto Heinrich Warburg of Germany received the Noble Peace Prize in medicine. Certainly one of his studies figured that cancer is really a fungus. This is actually the same declare that Dr.Tullio Simoncini of Italia continues to be saying for a long time. The American doctors declare that Dr Tullio Simoncini is really a quack but don’t offer not just one shred of proof why he’s a quack.

Dr Tullio Simoncini includes a video online where he shows the cancerous tumors in the patient and just how he washes the cancerous tumors away having a sodium bicarbonate solution. Dr Tullio also informs a tale relating to this patient who had been inside a coma coupled with a cancerous brain tumor. Another doctors gave the individual absolutely no way of recovery. Dr Tullio administered an IV that contains an answer of sodium bicarbonate. After seven hrs the individual obtained awareness and also the tumor vanished.

Dr Mark Sircus also states that cancer is really a fungus and it has been curing cancer with sodium bicarbonate. Dr Sircus includes a clip-on YouTube explaining ways to use the sodium bicarbonate regiment properly within the fight of cancer.

I additionally viewed a relevant video for you Tube in regards to a lady about 60 years of age who’d five cancerous tumors throughout her body. She attempted chemotherapy therapy with no results. she then attempted vitamin b complex-17. When she required the B-17 all five tumors disappeared. She also learned that when she stopped using the B-17 the cancerous tumors came back so she figured that because she required the chemotherapy therapy (which destroys your defense mechanisms) she would need to go ahead and take B-17 the remainder of her existence.

There’s a hour . 5 program online known as “Cancer the forbidden cure”. The program covers the main one hundred years old good reputation for cancer and also the many numerous cures the folks and physicians had discovered over time only to achieve the Food and drug administration outlaw every cure posted.

The end result is this. If you wish to cure your cancer you will need to do your personal research. The health care industry values your hard earned money greater than your existence.

When Andrea requested me what I would suggest to battle her cancer I did not wish to take a chance or any risks. I had been undecided between sodium bicarbonate or B-17. I figured that in taking sodium bicarbonate or perhaps in taking B-17 neither had any negative effects so why wouldn’t you take both and find out when we could not destroy this cancer rapidly. That is what we should did. Throughout the several days when Andrea was using the sodium bicarbonate and B-17 she was worried and would ask me basically believed that the treatments would work before her next doctor’s visit? I informed her I wasn’t confident that we’d sufficient time, we would need to wait and find out.

Then we began Andrea on 500mg of B-17. We gave her one 500mg capsule each morning and the other 500mg capsule at evening. Simultaneously Andrea required 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in two a glass water three occasions each day. Morning, noon and also at night.

At first of September 2016 when Andrea visited the physician on her pap smear the physician after analyzing her stated the cancer was completely gone. Andrea immediately continued Facebook and told everyone the treatments labored!

Why shall we be held penning this article? I’ve come across my Grandmother die of cancer of the lung, both my parents died of cancer, my uncle died of cancer of the colon. I’ve had several buddies die of cancer. My mate lately had cancer and that i told him by what I have found about cancer. James made the decision to believe his doctors rather of attempting B-17 or sodium bicarbonate. James has become dead!! unbelief wiped out him along with the aid of his doctors.

It has been stated that if you wish to find corruption stick to the money. Big Pharma is telling us that they will spend our cash on genetic research. They’re doing this simply because they know where cancer really originates from and they already know they might spend the money on the planet rather than take action from genetic research. Genetic research would guarantee them as well as their future employees a paycheck not less than the following century.

A few of the details which i discovered are chemotherapy therapy originates from mustard gas. It’s highly toxic. To make use of chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer is absurd. Chemotherapy kills everything, cancer cells in addition to normal cells. The doctors objective would be to kill the cells of cancer prior to the chemotherapy kills you. This method by itself is deadly and retarded. Even when they get rid of the cancer first the poison has remaining your defense mechanisms dead. So that as within the situation of my mother they wiped out cancer first along with a year later when she caught a chilly, with no defense mechanisms the cold progressed into pneumonia and wiped out her.

Based on Google cancer cure rate within the U . s . States is 2.1% as well as in Australia the cancel cure rates are 2.3%. Neither which are acceptable. This means that there’s a 97.9% chance that you’ll die using chemotherapy and radiation like a strategy to cancer! I additionally read the average lifespan for any cancer patient on chemotherapy is six several weeks. The research also discovered that should you didn’t do anything inside your combat cancer you would possess a 7% possibility of survival!

Another interesting fact I stumbled upon is Forensic Pathologist Dr. Michael D.Farley stated within an interview that of all of the numerous autopsies he’s performed in the career on cancer victims undertake and don’t has ever died of cancer! Cancer victims have left of either chemotherapy poisoning or radiation poisoning or both or perhaps in the situation of individuals like my mother they died because of no defense mechanisms.

Presently within the U . s . States they are saying that one out of three individuals will develop cancer at some stage in their lifetime. Do yourself the following favor if you’re one from the three. Seek information. Do not take any advice from anybody trying to sell cancer treatment. It just is sensible to test the sodium bicarbonate first. If taken properly it just costs in regards to a dollar and does not have negative effects.The B-17 is yet another safe bet and can only cost you about $100.00.

To conclude, cancer is a straightforward fungus that’s easily wiped out. Sodium bicarbonate kills cancer, B-17 kills cancer, a raw vegetable diet kills cancer, your doctors anti-yeast medication kills cancer, turmeric prevents and kills cancer, Food-grade 35% peroxide kills cancer, chemotherapy therapy and radiation kills you!

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